Hailing from all corners of the globe Owls of Neptune are a diverse bunch of folk with a unique style of music. 

At the time of their birth the likelyhood of these boys coming together to form a band was slim to none but somehow the universe allowed it and the synchroncity has been uncanny!!  Since coming together in 2020 these guys have really made their mark on the Sunny Coast and are now spreading their wings to unleash their music to the masses. 

Up at the front of house we have Pete, from Salford, UK. Pete has been writing songs forever and has an honest expression in his songwriting that resonates with many. 

On the sticks we have Matt. Originally from Duneden, New Zealand Matt has a passion for drumming that is evident in the live shows. This guy plays the drums like a boss and his energy is felt by all who come to see Owls of Neptune play. 

On lead guitar is Todd. Born in Newcastle, Australia. This guy knows when to play and when to let it flow. Giving every song what it needs to shine Todd puts his signature on every Owls of Neptune song to make it unique. 

Finally on bass guitar we have Jay. Originally from the Phillipines Jay is not only an outstanding bass player he also makes guitar pedals and is always pushing the boundaries with his technical visions and abilities. 

With Owls of Neptune every song is unique and stands on its own, not in a genre but just as it is. You wont find these guys belting out the same old tunes, you’ll just be wondering what comes next.