The intriguing Australian rock group Owls of Neptune hails from the Sunshine Coast, QLD. They have carved out a separate place in the Australian music landscape with their distinctive genre blending sounds. These gifted musicians have a natural ability to add raw energy and emotional depth to their music, enthralling audiences with their captivating performances.

Owls of Neptune produce a sound that is both recognizable and unique by drawing inspiration from a variety of musical influences. Their songs are distinguished by intense guitar riffs, intricate drum arrangments, fluid, technical bass riffs and emotionally moving lyrics that connect with listeners on a deep level.

The group seamlessly fuses delicate melodies with the raw intensity of rock, and with the addition of keys they have created a sound that is both gritty and melodic, ethereal and heartfelt. 

Owls of Neptune's music transports listeners on a sonic journey that inspires a variety of feelings, from elation to reflection and everything in-between.