Owls of Neptune channel swampy grunge goodness in latest single, 'Stormy Weather'

Stormy Weather

Owls of Neptune

Stormy Weather is a dirty, gritty rock song with emotional lyrics that takes you right back to the Classic Rock songs of yesteryear with a modern Blues twist. The song is about hitting hard times but knowing deep within that you will get through it all and rise above.

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Sunshine Coast four-piece, Owls of Neptune added to their catalogue of folk-tinged alt rock by bringing a heavier side with their latest single, ‘Stormy Weather’, which is out today. 

The new single was unearthed from a collection of songs frontman Pete had penned previously, waiting for just the right time to emerge. ‘Stormy Weather’ was written at a difficult time in a relationship, capturing the raw emotion of loss and loneliness, but resolving an inner wisdom that knowing all will be alright in the end. 

‘Stormy Weather’ brings together those sludgy grunge tones, blended with a melodic sensibility that brings to mind the left-of-centre tones of The Toadies. The intro bass-line briefly touches into Helmet territory, and could have easily become a heavy hitter industrial prog tune, but instead the whole band settles into a comfortable swamp grunge groove, with frontman Pete’s higher-toned vocal providing light to the darkness. The use of slide guitar in an alternative rock setting is so underused these day, it’s a welcomed tool, before the introduction of the seldom-these-days utilised guitar solo two thirds the way through. Owls of Neptune present plenty of grunt and groove, bringing in plenty of nostalgic 90s flavours, and balancing gritty hooks with just a hint of folk influence. 

The beauty of Owns of Neptune lies in their ability to leave no musical stone unturned - there is no set direction, and every idea from each band member is tried and tested until the feeling is right, and felt be all. 

‘Stormy Weather’ was introduced to the band on a dark, rainy Saturday, and became an insane favourite, with the band knowing it had potential. Amps turned to 11, a heady, gained jam session evolved the song quickly, allowing for a few tweaks here and there. Owls of Neptune ventured to Six String Studios in Beerwah to live track the new single, where it was then handed over to Angus Woodhead at Glasshouse Studios for mixing and mastering. There, the live feel and essence was enhanced, multiplied and the end result showcased the most intense track Owls of Neptune have pieced together. 

Single launches for ‘Stormy Weather’ across Queensland are already in place, and you can find all these dates on their website and social media. 

Dig in deep to the latest single from Owls of Neptune. ‘Stormy Weather’ is out now on all streaming platforms.